Overwatch 2 Season 10 Starts April 16th, New Gameplay Highlights Venture’s Skills

Overwatch 2 - Venture

Blizzard Entertainment’s next season for Overwatch 2 kicks off on April 16th, and while there are several unknowns, like its theme, a new Damage dealer debuts in the form of Venture. Check out their first gameplay below.

As an archaeologist, Venture is armed with a Smart Excavator and can burrow underground, becoming invulnerable and emerging to deal damage. Drill Dash allows for quickly dashing forward and knocking enemies back. The Smart Excavator can also fire a seismic charge that explodes to deal damage after some distance.

Venture’s Ultimate, Tectonic Shock, sends out shockwaves in a large area, though it rolls out slower than Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. As for passives, they deal more damage with their quick melee and also gain temporary shields when using abilities.

While Venture debuts next month (and is available immediately for all players), a limited-time trial will be available from today till March 31st for players on all platforms. Stay tuned for more details on Season 10 in the coming weeks.

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