Palworld Update Buffs Alpha and Lucky Pal HP, Reduces Damage Reduction on Bosses


Pocket Pair has released a new update for Palworld, currently live on PC and coming soon to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. It offers several balance adjustments, like increasing the HP for all Alpha and Lucky Pals by 1.2. Breeding eggs also have a “slight chance” to yield an Alpha Pal, providing more of a reason to pursue them.

It also affects bosses, though this has been “adjusted” to ensure they’re not too challenging. Bosses also had their damage reduction rate dropped to 18 percent, which should make them less of a pain. Interestingly, if you enable items and Pals dropping on death, they can be picked up by anyone for 24 hours.

They’ll also disappear 48 hours after dropping, making it even more essential to retrieve them. Other changes include a bug fix when notifying everyone on a server if a raid concludes (or fails). Check out the full notes below.

Palworld will receive more significant updates in the coming months, starting with its Summer update that adds four new Pals, a new island, new weapons and more. The Arena, which introduces PvP, is also coming later this year.

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