Red Dead Redemption 2 – 10 More Secrets and Hidden Details You Likely Missed

There are several games you revisit over the years and discover new secrets and details. Of course, when it comes to titles from Rockstar Games, like Red Dead Redemption 2, wandering the world and observing it reveals all kinds of things that weren’t obvious before. It’s a testament to the sheer attention to detail and thought put into everything that we’re still discovering so much over five years since it launched.

Let’s look at some more secrets and hidden details that have emerged and what makes them so interesting.

Alligators Eating Dead Bodies

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There are many ways to dispose of people you don’t like in the still Wild West of Red Dead Redemption 2, and you probably tried them all. Except, perhaps, feeding them to alligators, specifically those in Bayou Nwa in Saint-Denis or even the legendary alligator in Lemoyne’s swamps. Toss the body in the water, then watch it saunter close before devouring it in one go and being on its way. Is it the most civilized way to deal with corpses? No, but it’s certainly one of the most effective.

Railway Track Details

The railroad is common throughout Red Dead Redemption 2, whether it’s in the main story and the heist that the Van der Linde Gang pulls off or the side missions. However, have you taken a moment to actually observe the tracks? Since it’s the late 19th century, the railroad is still developing, and you come across plenty of places with fresh tracks. Look at them up close, and you’ll notice they’re freshly painted without any marks. By comparison, railway tracks present in other areas for some time are discolored and grayish, with the metal rusted and scratched. The gravel is also rougher and less even on older tracks, which is another nice touch.

Abandoned Circus Wagons

Walk around the Tall Trees region in West Elizabeth, and eventually, you’ll happen upon some abandoned circus wagons. They belong to the Fitcher Brothers Traveling Circus and Minstrel Show, and further inspection reveals the skeleton of conjoined women, referred to as “’Two Beauties in one Body.” There’s also a fortune-telling machine, which you can hit for different readings. It’s unclear whether the circus wagon was attacked or something else occurred, but it’s yet another mystery on top of all the others.

Bonnie MacFarlane’s Suitor

Bonnie MacFarlane is an important character in Red Dead Redemption 1, and also appears in Red Dead Online, as her family looks to move out of their ranch to avoid the cholera outbreak. While she doesn’t pop up in Red Dead Redemption 2’s story, you can find her suitor washed up on the shore near Van Horn Trading Post in Roanoke Ridge in the State of New Hanover. Despite the state of his boat, he’s alive and gives Arthur a letter before falling unconscious again. In it, he apologizes to Bonnie, announcing his intentions to make a fortune, gain her father’s approval and marry her. You can’t deliver the letter to her – visiting the MacFarlane’s ranch confirms that she and her father have already left – but it’s a nice little bit.

Braithwaite Photo in Saloon

Most players would have encountered Gertrude Braithwaite in the outhouse near Braithwaite Manor in the Scarlet Meadows. She offers quite the fright, but things get depressing when you realize she’s mentally unwell and disfigured, which causes her family to lock her in the outhouse. However, if you venture to a saloon in St Denis, there’s a photograph of a woman who resembles Gertrude. Perhaps this is her ancestor, and the resemblance could be attributed to possible inbreeding in the Braithwaite family, though it’s never confirmed. Unfortunately, she never escapes, with her remains found in the outhouse if you revisit it during the epilogue.

Miriam Wegner

Emerald Ranch is another interesting mystery, but fortunately, you can find letters and clues that indicate what happened. Located at the Emerald Ranch in The Heartlands and owned by the unfriendly Eugene Wegner, it’s revealed that his daughter, Miriam, became involved with a farm boy named Joshua Burgess. Burgess would die from an “accident”, though it’s theorized that Eugene killed him, and Miriam is confined. However, if you check her windows around noon or midnight, she’s occasionally visible. It may sound simple, but piecing together the information from different letters and conversations is pretty cool.

Old Trail Rise

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Old Trail Rise

In Scarlett Meadows, there’s an abandoned structure called Old Trail Rise. While it doesn’t offer much, that’s only on the surface – snoop around a bit more, and you can discover a door leading to the basement. It’s a shabby place with blankets, sheets and empty food cans scattered about. You can also check the walls and remove a stone to claim $50 from a hidden stash. However, check the support beams above, and you’ll spot various names carved into the wood with dates. Their identities are unknown, but it’s theorized that they were slaves, with the dates potentially corresponding to when they were imprisoned.

Sell Beau’s Gift

When traveling to Caliga Hall in Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne, you come across Beau Gray, who is smitten with Penelope Braithwaite (Gertrude’s cousin, as it turns out). Being from rival families, their romance is forbidden, but that doesn’t stop Beau from asking Arthur to deliver a letter and gift to Penelope. You could do so as most likely intended. However, if you sell the gift and then approach Penelope, she asks if there was also a gift since Beau usually sends a “little something” to her. Ever the honorable one, Arthur will remark that there isn’t – only a letter. While it doesn’t have any consequences down the line, it’s still cool to see this interaction added to account for craftier players.

Railroad Camp Mission Alternate Scene

On top of admiring the attention to detail on various railroad tracks, you can also visit a construction site for the Central Union Railroad Camp. You’ll meet Percy Whitsickle, a foreman who asks Arthur to investigate wage theft. Complete the task and return to him again to learn of some thugs sent by Leviticus Cornwall who are obstructing the workers’ task. However, if you kill them before speaking to Percy beforehand, the interaction is different. He’ll provide some more details on the goons (which he couldn’t earlier since you went and killed them first) while expressing his thanks. All’s well that ends well.

Man Drowning Wife in Trough

Among the random events in-game is a man drowning his wife in Valentine at night. Your obvious reaction is to rescue her, which results in her escape. You could also hogtie the man, take him to the Sheriff’s office, toss him in the cell and collect a reward (though it seems you need to complete “Good, Honest Snake Oil” first, or else you’ll be accused of kidnapping). But what if you just let him do the deed and don’t interfere? You have to be some distance away to avoid notice, but afterwards, he’ll enter the nearby saloon and go about his business. An unfortunate end? Not quite. Return to Rhodes a few days later, and a public execution has been arranged for the man, who hangs for his crimes. Of course, if you want to hogtie and kill him yourself, that’s also an option.

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