Sea of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta Goes Live on April 12th

Sea of Thieves

Along with outlining cross-progression and PlayStation-only servers for Sea of Thieves before its PS5 launch, Rare also confirmed a date for its closed beta. It kicks off on April 12th and ends on April 15th, with Premium and Deluxe Edition owners receiving access.

During the beta, Trophies are disabled, though progress is tracked and carried over into the game. The Pirate Emporium also won’t be available, and you can only play with other PS5 players. Another bonus is that players can earn Renown, currency and cosmetics as part of Season 11 and add them to their pirate at launch.

Furthermore, as a reward for participating, beta players receive ten levels of Renown that go towards the Season 12 track. Sea of Thieves launches on April 30th for PS5, with the latest season out on the same day. Early access is available on April 25th for Premium Edition owners. For more details on the title and how it works, head here.

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