Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield: Hardline Will be Delisted for Xbox 360, PS3 on July 31

Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts has announced that three Battlefield titles will be delisted on July 31st for Xbox 360 and PS3. Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline won’t be available on digital storefronts for the same, which also applies to their DLC. Online services for those platforms will also end on November 7th.

Of course, if you own any of these games, the single-player campaigns remain playable. Furthermore, each title will remain available for other platforms. Those still enjoying Battlefield 3 on PC or Battlefield 4 and Hardline on Xbox One, PS4, or PC can continue to do so without any issues.

The announcement comes a few months after Electronic Arts confirmed no further seasons for Battlefield 2042. The next title in the series has yet to be officially revealed. However, it has the largest team in the franchise’s history working on it, including DICE, Motive Studios, Ripple Effect Studios and Criterion Games. EA CEO Andrew Wilson described it as a “tremendous live service”, though details on its setting and mechanics remain unknown. Stay tuned for further updates.

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