Silent Hill Transmission Announced for May 30

Silent Hill logo

Konami announced three new Silent Hill games back in 2022 with a Silent Hill Transmission showcase, but further details on those three titles have been scarce since then. That will soon be changing, however, with the company ready to begin talking about the beloved horror franchise in earnest soon.

Konami has announced a new Silent Hill Transmission showcase for May 30, which is this Thursday, at 4 PM Pacific. The company says the event will bring “game updates, a deeper look at the film, and new merch.”

Bloober Team and Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake will, of course, be the game that most will have their eye on. Though the survival horror title doesn’t have a release date, PlayStation said earlier in the year that the game would launch in 2024. Bloober Team recently suggested the game’s release date would be announced soon.

Then there’s Silent Hill: Townfall, which is being developed by No Code of Observation fame and published by Annapurna Interactive. Finally, there’s also Silent Hill f, which is the next mainline instalment in the franchise.

Whether Konami intends to talk about any games beyond those three remains to be seen. Leaks have claimed that the company has several more unannounced Silent Hill titles in development, while Konami itself has suggested the same as well. Other remakes might also be in the works.

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