Ori Director Says He Has Some Ideas and a Name for a Third Game in the Series

ori and the will of the wisp

CEO of No Rest for the Wicked developer Moon Studios, Thomas Mahler, has revealed in a recent interview that the studio has ideas, including even a title, for a third game in the Ori franchise. Mahler spoke about a potential follow-up to Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisp in an interview with Game Informer.

“I have a title for it already,” said Mahler in the interview. “I have some ideas, but so far, right now, we are completely focused on No Rest for the Wicked for the time being.”

In the same interview, studio co-founder Gennadiy Korol also spoke about the Ori franchise, saying that the studio was “pretty happy with where it left off.” Korol went on to say that Ori 3 would only really be possible if the studio could come up with more of a story.

“I think we were able to complete the story of Ori,” said Korol. “It’s a complete arc now; if you play both games, it’s a complete story. So it felt like the only way we would come back to Ori 3 is if we have more to say, more story to tell.”

Moon Studios is currently at work on its upcoming title, No Rest for the Wicked. The game, an action RPG, has been described by Mahler as a “make or break moment” for the studio. Mahler has also drawn some comparisons with other titles, referring to Ori as the studio’s equivalent to Mario, and No Rest for the Wicked as its Zelda.

No Rest for the Wicked was officially unveiled back in February, and will be hitting Steam Early Access on April 18. Some of the planned content for the game was revealed back in March, and includes features like farming and multiplayer.

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