Rise of the Ronin Gets New Behind-the-Scenes Video About Combat

rise of the ronin combat

Team Ninja has released a new behind the scenes video, with developers talking about the combat of upcoming game Rise of the Ronin. The 10-minute-long video goes into a fair bit of depth, with various developers from the studio talking about the combat in Rise of the Ronin. Check it out below.

Developers from the studio talk about quite a few different aspects of designing Rise of the Ronin‘s combat, from its research on the weapons of the time, to understanding how these weapons were used in fights. As an accompaniment to the behind-the-scenes video, the studio has also explained some of the aspects of Rise of the Ronin‘s combat in a lengthy post on the PlayStation blog.

One of the core features of the combat in Rise of the Ronin is its use of Ki during fights. Players have to deplete their opponent’s Ki by using strategic attacks, after which they become vulnerable and incapacitated, opening them up to major attacks. The player themselves will also be affected by the same Ki mechanics.

A consistent way that players can deal with enemy attacks while also depleting their Ki is by using the parry move named Counterspark. Players can also make use of Martial skills to deal more damage.

Players will also have to figure out their combat style of choice. Each type of weapon, be it a katana, dual blades, or bayonets, will have its own move set and capabilities. Players can also unlock new combat styles by building bonds with different characters throughout the game.

Combat in Rise of the Ronin features three distinct styles—Ten (Sky), Chi (Earth), and Jin (Human). Each combat style is effective against different types of enemies depending on their weapon, and parrying with the appropriate style knocks enemies back significantly.

Some of the combat styles in Rise of the Ronin include Mumyo style, Hokushin Itto style, and Yagyu Shinkage style. Where Mumyo is meant to be a versatile style, Hokushin Itto instead focuses on overwhelming opponents with a series of attacks.

Aside from melee weapons, players will also have the ability to make use of long-ranged attacks by using bows or firearms. Silent ranged weapons can also be used for stealthy takedowns, while a handgun can instead by used in the midst of a fight to stun an enemy.

Mixing things up in fights by making use of the grappling rope is also quite encouraged. Players will be able to pull enemies closer to them, or to pull themselves closer to enemies. Players can also grab nearby gunpowder barrels and throw them at enemies for some explosive damage.

Rise of the Ronin is coming to PS5 on March 22. For more details, here’s why it looks like one of 2024’s most promising games. Also check out the recent trailer showcasing traversal, setting and more.

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