Star Wars: Hunters Launches on June 4th

Star Wars Hunters

Out of nowhere, Zynga has announced a release date for Star Wars: Hunters, its free-to-player third-person competitive multiplayer shooter. Developed by NaturalMotion and BossAlien, it launches on June 4th for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, with pre-downloads available now. Check out the latest trailer below.

Star Wars: Hunters sees players controlling a selection of bounty hunters competing in the Arena. Each falls into one of three categories – Damage, Support and Tank – with balanced team compositions necessary for success. Stages include Ewok Village on Endor, Mos Espa Podrace on Mos Espa, the Dune Sea Outpost on Tattooine, and Death Star Crossfire, a space between an all-out battle between the Rebels and Empire.

There are four modes, from Squad Brawl, where the first team to reach 20 eliminations wins, to Power Control, where controlling the most zones for the longest is key. Stay tuned for more details on Star Wars: Hunters in the coming weeks and check out the official website.

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