Wizard with a Gun is Adding 4-Player Co-op

wizard with a gun 4-player co-op

Wizard with a Gun launched to its fair share of acclaim last year, but though it’s been a few months since its release, developer Galvanic Games is continuing to support the roguelike twin-stick shooter. Since release, Wizard with a Gun has supported two-player co-op, but soon, that cap will be increasing.

Galvanic Entertainment and Devolver Digital have announced the new Better Together update for Wizard with a Gun. Arriving May 13, it will, for starters, add four-player co-op to the game. Though four-player co-op was something that Galvanic Games wanted in the game from the get-go, the developer was forced to shelve the feature, before coming back to it and trying to make it work post-launch.

In addition to four-player co-op, the Better Together update is also adding other significant new features, such as difficulty options, of which players will now have four in the form of Gunslinger, Sheriff, Outlaw, and Custom, with the latter letting you manually adjust a number of options. Additionally, Galvanic Games is also adding a new in-game library where players will be able to re-read all the lore they’ve acquired, as well as “some big chunks of content” in the endgame.

Check out the video below for more details.

Wizard with a Gun is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A Switch version is also in development, but doesn’t have a release date.

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