Unicorn Overlord Trailer Details Character Classes, Auxiliary Stages, and More

Unicorn Overlord

Atlus has kicked the year off with Persona 3 Reload, while later this year, it’ll also be releasing Metaphor: ReFantazio. Those aren’t the only two massive RPGs the company is releasing this year though, because in less than a month, we’ll also be getting Unicorn Overlord, a fantasy tactics RPG by 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim developer Vanillaware that has looked increasingly promising with each new showing.

Another new trailer has been released for Unicorn Overlord – more specifically, its “Josef’s Guide to Training” series of trailers – and this one focuses on combat and progression mechanics. For starters, the trailer explains the multiple character classes that will be available, from melee-focused soldiers and snipers to healers, aerial specialists, and more. As you’d imagine, each class will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Flying-type classes, for instance, will be vulnerable to Archer-types.

Players will also be able to boost characters’ stats and teach them new skills by advancing them through increasing ranks of classes. That is done through Promotions, which are gained by spending Honors, which in turn are rewards earned upon completing quests. Different character classes will gain different kinds of Promotions. For instance, Alain – the protagonist and one of 60 playable characters in the game – an advance to the High Lord class, after which he increase his traversal speed across the map thanks to a mount.

Another method of powering up characters will be seeking out and tackling Auxiliary Stages, which are essentially repeatable battles scattered throughout the map that you can grind to more experience and gold. Completing Auxiliary Stages will also reward you with other items to help with progression, like Military Treatises, which grant free experience to whatever character you use them on, or others that can boost specific stats and attributes, from a character’s HP to attack power to defense and more.

Check out the trailer below for more details.

Previous “Josef’s Guide to Training” trailers released by Atlus have revealed details on Unicorn’s Overlord’s exploration and quests, building and deepening bonds with allies, and more.

Unicorn Overlord launches on March 8 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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