Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Players Affected by Maintenance Downtime Awarded $20 Worth of In-Game Currency

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Players of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League affected by the game’s downtime thanks to a bug noticed by developer Rocksteady shortly after launch, leading to servers being pulled offline for maintenance, are being compensated with $20 worth of in-game currency, according to VideoGamesChronicle.

For the sake of context, the game, which currently requires an internet connection to be played, was rendered unplayable for several hours shortly after its early access release while Rocksteady worked on addressing the aforementioned bug. It is worth noting that players had to purchase the more expensive digital deluxe version of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to be able to play it starting January 30, a few days ahead of the game’s global February 2 launch.

Players affected by the downtime have been rewarded 2,000 LuthorCoins (worth $20), which can be spent in the in-game store to buy new skins. Standard skins in the game are priced at around 1,000 LuthorCoins, while fancier skins tagged “Deluxe” or “Legendary” can cost 2,000 LuthorCoins or more.

“Thank you for being one of our first console players during early access of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” said the studio to its players through an in-game message. “We recognize that you’ve been patient with us during our initial launch server updates and we’d like to show our appreciation for your patience with a special gift of 2000 LuthorCoins. Thank you again!”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is available for digital deluxe edition owners an PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Standard edition players will have to wait until the game is officially out on February 2.

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