Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR Announced for June 25th to July 2nd on PC

Diablo 4 - The Fell Council

After the success of Loot Reborn’s Public Test Realm, Blizzard Entertainment has announced a Public Test Realm for Diablo 4’s next season. It runs from June 25th to July 2nd, exclusively for PC players via Battle.net (with the PTR build requiring a separate download).

Season 5 features a new questline, one that’s available to both Seasonal and Eternal Realm characters. It’s accessed in Hawezar at World Tier 3 and will remain a permanent fixture of the Eternal Realm after the season ends.

The new activity involves venturing to the Realm of Hatred and fighting the Infernal Hordes in 90-second waves. Kill enemies, earn Burning Aether and consume it for rewards. After each wave, players can select one of three Infernal Offers, like increased Elite damage, more Burning Aether dropped by Elites, etc.

These carry over between waves, and once you’ve cleared them all out, the Fell Council is ripe for the slaying. The council has five members, each with unique skills, and you’ll fight three at once. They’ll even become frenzied at low life, posing a greater threat. Once a run finishes, you can spend any Burning Aether earned on Spoils of Hell, including materials, equipment, Gold and Greater Equipment (which offers items with guaranteed Greater Affixes).

You’ll need an Infernal Compass to enter, which drops from Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers, Helltides, endgame bosses and even as a reward from the new quest. There are eight Tiers of Compasses – the higher the tier, the more waves and challenging monsters. You’ll gain more rewards, but the number of revives also drops. Of course, you can only get up Tier 3 Infernal Compasses. Upgrading them to the max, Tier 8, requires Abyssal Scrolls.

Stay tuned for more details on Season 5 shortly. Diablo 4 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Its first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, launches on October 8th.

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