Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero Overview Trailer Details Story, Confine and Confire

Phantom Brave - The Lost Hero

Nippon Ichi Software surprised quite a few fans of the 2004 strategy RPG Phantom Brave at the Nintendo Direct by announcing a sequel. Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero sees the return of protagonists Marona and Ash. While they’re still traveling and helping Phantoms, an attack from a mysterious ghost ship fleet leads to their separation.

As outlined in a new overview trailer, Marona is separated from Ash and meets Apricot, a Phantom, on a new island. The latter’s father is a legendary pirate, and she’s keen on his whereabouts. By teaming with Apricot, Marona looks to reunite with Ash while bringing the legendary pirate crew back together to defeat the ghost fleet.

Confine returns from the first game and allows for confining Phantoms to objects for use in battle. Depending on the item, they may inherit unique properties and stats. However, there’s also Confire, where Phantoms merged with cannons can unleash powerful attacks. You can even use other gadgets like giant fans. Marona can also merge with Phantoms using Confriend, gaining a new form and powers to turn the tide.

The trailer also confirms features like random dungeons, side quests, letters and pirate ship customization, which we’ll likely learn about in the coming months. Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero launches in 2025 for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, with the PC version out later in the same year.

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