Helldivers 2 Patch Fixes CE-27 Ground Breaker Armor Passive, Various Crashes

helldivers 2

A new patch is live in Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2, and as promised, it fixes the passive for the CE-27 Ground Breaker armor. It will now provide the Engineer perk, which grants your character two additional grenades and reduces recoil when crouching or prone.

The rest of the patch focuses on stability, fixing crashes in the loadout screen when other players join or leave or when the mission results and rewards are displayed following extraction. Crashes that occurred when too many civilians spawned, when deploying to a mission and even when a host’s play session migrates to another player have also been addressed.

Interestingly, an issue that caused different damage to enemies for PC and console players is also fixed. The development team is looking into other bugs like the Superior Packing Methodology module not working, player names showing up blank on friend lists, and only the host’s damage over time effects applying, so stay tuned for further updates.

Helldivers 2 is available for PS5 and PC. Check out the latest Premium Warbond, Democratic Detonation, here.

PATCH 01.000.203


  • Fixes to armor passive.
  • Various improvements to stability.


  • CE-27 Ground Breaker armor now has the Engineer kit passive as previously advertised.


Crash Fixes

  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur in the loadout screen when other players left or joined the game.
  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur after extraction when the mission results and rewards were shown.
  • Fixed crash which could occur when throwing back a grenade while wielding a heat-based weapon.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when hosting a play session migrates to another player.
  • Fixed crash that could occur if too many civilians spawn.
  • Fixed various other crashes that could occur when deploying to mission.
  • Fixed various other crashes that could occur during gameplay.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in different damage being dealt enemies between PC and console players.
  • Red boxes in defense missions are no longer visible.
  • Major orders should now properly display text.

Known Issues

These are issues that were either introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or are from a previous version and have not yet been fixed. This list is not exhaustive, and we are continuing to identify issues and create fixes. These are organized by feedback, reports, severity, etc.

  • Superior Packing Methodology ship module does not work properly.
  • Players may be unable to navigate to the search results in the Social Menu.
  • Various issues involving friend invites and cross play:
  • Player name may show up blank on the other player’s friend list.
  • Friend Request cannot be accepted when the requesting player changed their username before the request was accepted.
  • Cross-platform friend invites might not show up in the Friend Requests tab.
  • Players cannot unfriend players befriended via friend code.
  • Players cannot unblock players that were not in their Friends list beforehand.
  • Damage-over-time effects may only apply when dealt by the host.
  • Players may experience delays in Medals and Super Credits payouts.
  • Enemies that bleed out do not progress Personal Orders and Eradicate missions.
  • Certain weapons like Sickle cannot shoot through foliage.
  • Scopes on some weapons such as the Anti-Materiel Rifle are slightly misaligned.
  • Arc weapons sometimes behave inconsistently and sometimes misfire.
  • Spear’s targeting is inconsistent, making it hard to lock-on to larger enemies.
  • Stratagem beam might attach itself to an enemy but it will deploy to its original location.
  • Explosions do not break your limbs (except for when you fly into a rock).
  • Area around Automaton Detector Tower makes blue stratagems such as the hellbomb bounce and be repelled when trying to call them down close to the tower.
  • Planet liberation reaches 100% at the end of every Defend mission.

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