Sony Establishes New Studio Comprised of Former Deviation Games Developers – Rumor

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After the rumored cancellation of Deviation Games’ project and shutting down last March, Sony has allegedly established a new studio comprised of its former developers. Furthermore, the team working on a new unannounced IP.

Details first emerged courtesy of former employee Michael Anthony on LinkedIn, who said, “I hear that a lot of previous Deviation Games employees have set up their own studio at Sony working on an undisclosed new IP.

“All the people I see working there that have signed up are top-class developers and hope that you can create a top-class new IP with your studio that hopefully gives you all the time you need to create a quality product and not have to deal with red tape from previous projects.”

It’s worth noting that another former employee, JC Farmer, tweeted last December about becoming a Junior Game Designer at PlayStation Studios while working for Blundell. Note that this doesn’t necessarily indicate the same studio Anthony has described (but it’s far from a coincidence). The date of its establishment is unknown, but its new IP could be in the early stages of development.

A potential reveal anytime soon, like the PlayStation Showcase rumored for this month, is thus unlikely. Deviation’s last project was exclusive to PlayStation, and while details are scant, Blundell’s experience on the Call of Duty franchise suggests a shooter. Whether the new project follows that same direction remains to be seen, so stay tuned for more updates in the future.

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