Risk of Rain Returns – Patch 1.05 Fixes Crashes, Providence Trial Softlocks, and More

Risk of Rain Returns

Hopoo Games has released a new patch for Risk of Rain Returns, focusing on bug fixes. It addresses crashes relating to text rendering in specific languages, Huntress’s alternate secondary attack when playing online and Acrid’s bubble if it touched an allied Bramble’s head.

Some backgrounds faced rendering issues in the Environment Log, while softlocks could occur in “certain circumstances” in the final Providence Trial, Judgment. Those have also been fixed, along with issues suffered by HAN-D’s VENT Drone. The Commando also shouldn’t turn around while sliding or “store” that state if he grabs a rope mid-slide. Red Whip also got a nice buff, activating its speed boost while the player climbs.

Check out the full patch notes below for more details. Risk of Rain Returns is available for Nintendo Switch and PC, serving as a remaster to the 2013 side-scrolling rogue-lite. You can read our review, where we awarded it a 9 out of 10 for its gameplay, quality of life improvements, proper online co-op tools and excellent soundtrack.

Patch Notes 1.0.5

  • Fixed a crash relating to text rendering in certain languages. Thank you for your patience with this one, it was surprisingly difficult to identify what was causing this issue! A big thanks to GameMaker developers YoYo Games for helping us track this one down!
  • Fixed a crash with Huntress’s alternate Secondary that could occur online.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with certain backgrounds in the Environment Log as of the previous patch.
  • Fixed softlocks which could occur in certain circumstances in Judgement.
  • Fixed a crash when Acrid’s bubble touched the head of a friendly Bramble.
  • Fixed Acrid’s alternate Utility skill becoming unavailable for the rest of the stage if the projectile was launched into a pit.
  • Fixed HAN-D’s VENT Drone not interacting properly with aiming.
  • Fixed HAN-D’s VENT Drone sometimes failing to fire.
  • Fixed Commando turning around while sliding.
  • Fixed Commando “storing” the slide state if grabbing a rope while sliding.
  • Fixed poor interaction of both of Pilot’s primary skills with aiming.
  • Pilot’s Secondary skill now interacts with Brilliant Behemoth in a more expected way.
  • Pilot no longer incurs slowdown from backing up while shooting while his parachute is active.
  • Drifter’s default Special skill no longer gets stuck when attack speed is really high.
  • Drifter’s alternate Utility skill now pushes cubes spawned by the alternate Secondary.
  • Drifter’s Primary skill no longer pulls the player forward if standing on a cube.
  • Drifter’s cubes now interact with geysers.
  • Loader and Drifter can now turn while executing their Primary skill combos.
  • Enforcer’s alternate Primary skill now consistently knocks enemies back in the direction it was fired.
  • Bandit’s Ancient Scepter boosted alternate Special skill now fires for 2×500% damage like its default counterpart.
  • Fixed skills affected by Ancient Scepter not resetting their cooldowns between stages.
  • Fixed Substandard Duplicator incorrectly displaying an icon when collecting Food items, even though it didn’t actually clone them.
  • Fixed the interact input being able to activate multiple things in a single press.
  • Fixed Pilot’s Parachute physics change applying at the start of the next stage if the player died while it was active.
  • Fixed the Toxin effect applying while the player was dead.
  • Fixed certain item particle effects applying while the player is dead.
  • Fixed Ceremonial Dagger projectiles not dealing damage if the actor that spawned them was destroyed before they dealt damage, most noticeable with the Engineer’s laser turret.
  • Red Whip’s effect may now kick in while the player is climbing.

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