The Nameless: Slay Dragon is a New Turn-Based RPG Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2024

the nameless slay dragon

Publisher WhisperGames has announced that is teaming up with solo developer Nameless Sword Studio to release a new turn-based RPG on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game, titled The Nameless: Slay Dragon, is slated for release on PC in Q2 2024, with the Nintendo Switch release planned for a later date. Check out the teaser trailer below.

The Nameless: Slay Dragon features a unique art style that places an emphasis on thick outlines to highlight important things like characters and enemies, while also making use of an anime-inspired art style for its characters and world.

Screenshots of The Nameless: Slay Dragon indicate that it will be an in-depth RPG with quite a few options for adventurous players to tinker around with, including skill levels across different fields ranging from archery, survival and observation to crafting and flame magic.

The announcement for The Nameless: Slay Dragon describe it as a classic turn-based RPG where every action a player takes leading to meaningful choices, be it choices in combat or how they choose to talk to people. The game will also feature a free progression system with twenty different character classes, as well as loads of skill customisation.

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