The First Descendant Guide – How to Farm Void Fragments and Void Fusion Reactors

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The various regions of The First Descendant have their fair share of side missions and additional activities outside of the story. One such optional task involves the Void Fragments – you may have seen these pillars with glowing orbs immune to weapon damage. How do you activate them, and what are the benefits? The answer is more straightforward than you think.

How to Farm Void Fragments and Void Fusion Reactors

If you check the Fragment’s icon on the map, it’s revealed that only a specific element can damage it. However, this must be from an ability, not a weapon. You’ll need a corresponding Descendant, like Bunny for electric, Lepic for fire, Viessa for Ice, Ajax for physical, etc. Once you’ve utilized the correct elemental ability, the Fragment spawns enemies you must slay within the time limit.

After slaying each wave, deal ability damage to the orb, continuing this process until it’s destroyed. You receive rewards like Modules, weapons and Void Shards, which can fall under different types like Monomer, Inorganic, Polymer, etc. These Shards can then activate a Void Fusion Reactor, spawning some bosses. Defeat them to earn Modules and weapons, but it also spawns a Reconstruction Device, which can be used to open Amorphous Materials (though you’ll likely need specific kinds).

Since there’s no cost associated with farming Void Fragments, you can farm them continuously for Modules, weapons and Shards. Note the different kinds of Fragments and Fusion Reactors on a map and their rewards more effectively farm them. While it may seem like a waste, especially if you don’t get lucky with RNG, the duplicate Modules and weapons can be dismantled into materials for crafting.

Besides, it’s also ideal for farming items from Amorphous Materials without having to venture into Void Intercept missions. Completing Void Fusion Reactors also confers Mastery Level XP, which is always a nice bonus.

The First Descendant is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Head here for more tips and tricks.

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