The Outlast Trials Trailer Highlights Major Antagonists

The Outlast Trials

Red Barrels’ The Outlast Trials will exit early access next month, having gone gold last week. A new trailer has debuted at IGN Fan Fest 2024, highlighting two of the major villains that players deal with. Check it out below, though be advised of gruesome violence and disturbing imagery.

The antagonists are Phyllis Futterman, aka Mother Gooseberry, and Sergeant Leland Coyle. The former hosted a children’s show, but violent urges manifested in her puppet due to dissociative identity disorder. She takes show in chasing and drilling players to death. Coyle is a former police officer who uses an electric baton and takes advantage of the populace.

However, in the shadows are the Murkoff Corporation and its higher-ups. How their story plays out remains to be seen, especially since this is a prequel to the first two games. The Outlast Trials launches on March 5th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC – check out our review of the early access version in the meantime.

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