Cameron Monaghan Would Reprise Jedi Survivor Role In Live-Action, If It Makes Sense

Respawn’s work creating the Star Wars Jedi series is a hit among gamers and Star Wars fans alike, so it’s no wonder people have wondered whether the characters in the game might ascend from cutscenes to the silver screens. The question has been asked in the past, but it was most recently brought up at a panel at FanExpo Vancouver 2024, according to The Direct.

The question was posed to Cameron Monaghan, known for his roles on Gotham and Shameless as well as his starring role as Cal Kestis in the Star Wars Jedi series. For Monaghan, it’s not a question of whether he’s willing to reprise his role as the character, but a question of the circumstances in which that character would appear.

“It would have to be right. By that I mean, it has to continue the story or the character in some way.” Monaghan answered, according to The Direct. “I don’t want him to just kind of show up to stand around and be there. I want him to mean something and for there to be a significance for the character itself. So, it would have to make sense. But in the right context then, yeah, absolutely.”

With this answer, it sounds like a quick cameo is out of the question – Monaghan wants his presence to be significant to the character and the story, which is not unreasonable for an actor to ask. This matches up with a quote he gave Game Informer in a 2023 interview, where he said, “It’s always been important with me with our stories that the drama, the stakes, the characters, should be clear regardless of whether or not you have any understanding of anything outside of it.”

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Of course, we’re more eager to see him reprise his role in a new entry in Respawn’s action-adventure series, though there’s yet to be any official confirmation of another sequel. There are, however, reports that the studio is working on a first-person Mandalorian game set during the height of the Galactic Empire, so maybe Kestis will appear there instead. For more Respawn, check out our hub of exclusive coverage of the newest season of Apex Legends, along with our most recent cover story, which has been posted online for free.

[Source: The Direct]

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